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Dog fighting is a felony rarely enforced?

Dogs are not only torn apart alive in fights, the losers are further brutalized by their irate owners for losing?

Children regularly attend these fights and are being desensitized
to violence?

Hundreds of dogs are fought in the city of Chicago every night?

There are only two police officers in the entire city of Chicago who are assigned to deal with this cruelty?

People force dogs to fight as a form of gambling instead of selling drugs because it is less risky?
Dog fighting is a sadistic "sport" in which two dogs are placeing into a ring or pit and forced to fight until one of them is either severely injured or killed. Dogs are trained to fight by taunting, beating, and starving them. They are often encouraged to kill small animals such as cats and rabbits to increase their aggressive behaviors.Fighting dogs are torn apart alive. It can take up to two hours for the fight to end. Losing dogs that survive are often left to die, suffocated, set on fire, or shot by frustrated owners. Other animals (small dogs, cats, rabbits) are used as bait. Cheering spectators place bets on the dogs with thousands of dollars wagered on a single fight.

Even though dog fighting is illegal and sympotamic of other illegal activities, there are too few officers to enforce the law. Conducted in abondoned hoes, warehouses, or basements, cruelty investigators report that dog fighting attracts people who are involved in gambling, drug dealing, illegal weapons, gangs and prostitution. It's no surprise that people involved in dog fighting typically have a history of violence and/or criminal behavior.

In addition to being an animal welfare issue, dog fighting is also a child welfare issue. Adults who are involved in dog fighting often bring their children to watch. Researchers have discovered that children who have been exposed to dog fighting grow up believing that this is an acceptable form of entertainment. These children are desensitized to violence and typically grow up to commit acts of violence.

While studies have shown that no particular breed is any more aggressive than another, Pit Bull Terriers and other large, strong dogs (German Shepherds, Rotweillers, Akitas, and Doberman Pinschers) are typically selected.

Pit Bulls do not have "locking" jaws. The locking jaws story is a myth that developed due to the dog's tendency to bite and hold.

Contrary to the media's portrayal of them, American Pit Bull Terriers are NOT an inherently aggressive breed. The very qualilties that make them excellent pets — extreme loyalty, intelligence, love of humans, and eagerness to please their owners — make them targets for dog fighting. They will do whatever their owners want them to do — even fight to the death.

According to the American Canine Testing Association, 95% of the American Pit Bull Terriers that took the test passed. The average passing rate for all other 122 breeds was only 77%.

In the temperment tests, a dog is put through a series of confrontational situations. Any sign of aggression or panic leads to the failure of a test. The achievement of these temperment tests in this study disproves the belief that Pit Bull Terriers are inherently aggressive.


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