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Adoption means to permanently accept the new companion animal into one's life, including sickness and health, good times and bad, and through all the changes of life. If an adoption does not work out, you are required to return the animal to the shelter. If a behavioral or physical problem arises, we ask that you have patience with the animal and contact us immediately. We want to help you keep your companion animal.

Before You Adopt, Consider the Following:

How active is your lifestyle.
Make sure your energy level matches that of your dog. Dogs need to be walked at least twice a day if kept indoors. Do you work or travel a lot? Dogs need attention and affection so make sure you'll have time for him/her.

Taking your dog to a basic obedience class.
Doing so helps owner-dog communication, builds confidence, and aids in bonding. In most cases, simple training techniques can be employed to change most troublesome behaviors. A growl, snap, or bite can occur with any companion animal and one incident should not be grounds for divorce. There can be circumstances that provoked your dog. It does not mean the animal is aggressive.

A house-breaking incident be may happen.

In the case of any strange or different behavior by your companion animal, please call us. We can help get you and your companion animal back on track.


Bonding does not happen overnight.

As you introduce your new companion animal to your family routines and he/she becomes comfortable, he/she will learn to trust you. Relationships take time to develop, so you will have to be patient.

Considered your finances.
Besides the yearly veterinary exams and inoculation, your companion animal may experience sickness or injury which can require a visit to your Vet Emergency Clinic. In addition, examine your long-term plans. Are you planning on getting married or moving to a no-dog environment? Are there children in your future? Companion animals have been returned for all these reasons. People who give us back their companion animals don't see that when they've driven off, the ex-family member watches the door, listens for the sound of a car, and mourns for the family that abandoned them.
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